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Hear That? #1: Brin and Bobet

These old eyes ain’t what they used to be, but my hearing is still pretty sharp. That being said, I want to recommend two recent podcasts for your listening pleasure.

David Brin’s “Bubbles”, read by Harlan Ellison, is the audio fiction for LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE Issue #16. A multi-award winning writer, David Brin is also a scientist, technology speaker, and visionary, with an eye for revealing the big picture found in the smallest of details. First appearing in the anthology THE UNIVERSE, “Bubbles” explores the nature of space and emptiness. Brin introduces readers to Serena, a Grand Voyager dedicated to traveling between and through galaxies, and what happens when she falls into the darkness between. Harlan Ellison’s reading brings Serena to life with a vivid narrative that blends with Brin’s prose to capture the imagination and sensibilities of the non-human perspective. The ending is as hopeful as it is terrifying, and I cannot recommend this story highly enough.

Leah Bobet’s “The Parable of the Shower”, read by Laurice White, for PODCASTLE Issue #174, is by turns hilarious, thought-provoking, sacrilegious, heartening, and a study of the differences between good and God. Originally published in LONE STAR STORIES, it is the story of a woman taking a shower when an angel of the LORD cometh upon her. Not only can the angel not understand why she isn’t thrilled at the task it sets before her, it doesn’t understand when she asks to speak to its boss. If the play on King James prose alone wasn’t enough to recommend this tale, Laurice White’s reading brings the characters to life, giving each a unique presence and audio texsture. This is another must listen story. Trust me.

So make a date with yourself and a couple of great stories, not even 90 minutes total, but certainly well worth the time. And after listening, drop me a line to let me know what you thought. Even better, share the stories with friends.

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