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Hear That? #7: Swanwick & Henderson

Time for another episode of some great audio fiction to entertain and amaze you.

First up is Michael Swanwick’s “The Dead”, the featured fiction for Episode #241 of THE DRABBLECAST. Michael Swanwich is a multi-award winning writer, reviewer, and all around splendiferous person with one eye on the future and the other one the road by which we’ll get there. “The Dead” is a dark, graphic tale of zombies and a zombie apocalypse you may not expect. The story contains certain adult themes, and is read by THE DRABBLECAST’S own Norm Sherman. Dark though it may be, this one is definitely worth your time.

PODCASTLE presents Samantha Henderson’s “Outlander”, a tale of politics, love, and an older brother’s consternation set in an intriguing and believable secondary world. Samantha has numerous stories in Year’s Best collections, and her upcoming poetry collection “The House of Forever” is due out later this year. “Outlander” is read by Graeme Dunlop, a regular presence on all of the Escape Artist podcasts and one of the driving forces behind CAST OF WONDERS, the YA Science Fiction & Fantasy Audio Magazine. “Outlander” is fun, and fast paced with all the swash you can buckle, and Graeme’s reading only makes the tale all the more enjoyable with his telling.

That’s it for this edition of HEAR THAT?. As always, if you like the stories you hear please consider throwing a few bucks towards keeping these podcasts up and running, or, if you can’t donate, drop them a line in their forums. Don’t forget to comment here as well. What do you think of my recommendations? What podcasts or audio books have you listened to lately?

Don’t forget to keep your ears open!

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